Your Child

All children are welcome

Do you have a two year old in your household? If, so check your eligibility and apply for your child’s free early education place here:

When your child is 2 years old they can start at Buzy Bees. No child will be refused entry.

We offer a child-friendly environment

Including child-sized furniture and a high standard of resources and equipment. This, coupled with the well-trained and experienced staff ensures that your child is able to progress at their own pace and achieve a high standard of pre-school education. In order to ensure we maintain these, we are Ofsted inspected on a regular basis.

Continuity from 2 years to 11 years

We are proud to offer provision for your child from the age of 2 years to 4.5 years. Moving onto Reception Class at Treleigh CP School when you child is 5 to 11 years old We currently have five children qualifying for Early Years Pupil Premium. You may also be entitled to additional funding to improve your child’s education with us. If you think you qualify Click here to find out more, alternatively please speak to your key person or the manager. A parent declaration form can be obtained from Buzy Bees.

One adult to 6 children

Firstly, Buzy Bees has a 1:6 ratio; this means one adult to six children. All adults presently employed in Buzy Bees are trained or in the process of embarking on courses to ensure high standards of care for your child. We feel that young children must progress at their own rate, building on their own experiences. The adults working with them need to be sensitive to every individual child’s stage of development to help them move on from the standards they have already reached. Well organised and appealing play activities, combined with sensitive adult input is one of, if not the most effective means of ensuring learning.

Learning while having fun

The activities planned each week are a selection of focussed activities where an adult initiates play and works with the children making observations while they have fun! or planned opportunities where the children can freely go and do their own thing, using their imaginations and thinking up their own ideas: an adult will be nearby to help them develop their ideas or guide them if need be. Providing an environment for enjoyment and achieving meets one of the aims of the EYFS.