How we work

How do we work?

Buzy Bees has a 1:6 ratio; this means one adult to six children for our 3.5 to 4.5 year-olds. All adults presently employed in Buzy Bees are trained or in the process of embarking on courses to ensure high standards of care for your child. We feel that young children must progress at their own rate, building on their own experiences. The adults working with them need to be sensitive to every individual child’s stage of development to help them move on from the starting points they have are currently at. Well organised and appealing play activities, combined with sensitive adult input is one of, if not the most effective means of ensuring learning. our staff will ask open-ended questions and plan activities that encourage critical thinking and challenge the children to think about what’s happening.

Buzy Bees firmly believes that giving each child the opportunity to explore the world using their own senses with the freedom to experiment and come to their own conclusions without the fear of getting things “wrong” is a key factor to building confidence and enquiring minds. We are Ofsted inspected – this means we provide a first class nursery education for your children. We adhere to strict rules and at the conclusion of our last Ofsted inspection, we achieved a good. A copy of this inspection report is available from the pre-school.

We are always striving to improve the quality of education for your child. We do this by attending courses/training and by discussion between staff and the management committee. When necessary we engage the help of various relevant outside agencies.

At Buzy Bees we offer a book scheme, the aim of the book scheme is to encourage story reading with family members. With children exposed to so many screens, it is important to show them the wonder of books so they begin to engage with stories & associate pictures with words. Your child will choose a book on a weekly basis to take home & read with family. Once returned, your child will have the opportunity to choose another book.

Your Childrens Keyperson

A Keyperson is a member of staff assigned to your child. Their role is to record the development of their own “key” children. They are your first “port of call” if you have any worries about your child whilst they are at Buzy Bees. Just as important is your feedback to them. Anything you may have noticed about your child that you want to share, they will gladly record for you. The Keyperson will also share any information about your child that they have witnessed with you. We see the roles of both of us and the parent/carer as one team working to help your child reach their full potential.

Your Keyperson is chosen for your child usually in the first week that they attend Buzy Bees. They will help you settle your child and arrange a meeting with you to set up a development file to record their progress whilst they are with us. Your Keyperson will liaise with you throughout each term then meet with you regularly. Please feel free to talk to them about your child if you have concerns or if you just want to share some information. You and your child’s Key Person will support your child’s learning and monitor their progress together. Should you wish to meet your child’s Key Person before their start date then please ring or pop in to arrange an appointment or request a home visit.

So, where do you fit in

Everywhere!! Input from parents and carers is essential to each child’s time at Buzy Bees. It is up to you how much or how little you wish to be involved. All our staff will be happy to help in any way they can. The committee is open to all interested adults, any input is welcome, i.e fundraising ideas, secretarial skills, practical help, financial wizardry (grants and donations always need applying for) and of course, there is always the parent’s rota. For those of you wishing to see what goes on at Buzy Bees, this is the ideal area to join in and have fun.