EYFS – learning through play

The Early Years Foundation Stage is a play based framework that we use as a tool to ensure that all our children achieve the Every Child Matters outcomes of:

• Staying safe
• Being healthy
• Enjoying and achieving
• Making a positive contribution

What is the EYFS framework?

This is a whole package using four key principles that set the standards for learning, development and care for our younger children from birth to 5 years. Following the EYFS you can be assured your child will be the centre of the pre-school experience.

The EYFS four main themes listed below underpin all guidance that supports Buzy Bees staff in implementing the statutory requirements of the EYFS:

• A Unique Child
• Positive Relationships
• Enabling Environment
• Learning and Development

By adopting the EYFS framework we are working with the children holistically. We talk to them, asking them about their opinion and their interests. We then build on these, planning activities and experiences and offering opportunities for them to explore and investigate the world around them. We plan each week around the 7 areas of development using observation and assessment: most activities are child initiated with some adult-led activities to ensure a balance across all areas achieved. Themes and ideas are developed through observations and conversations that have taken place during play in the session. All Key Persons contribute to the planning process.

Should you need more information on the Early Years Foundation Stage then please see our information sheet displayed in the foyer, which can be photocopied for you to read at home. Or you can ask your child’s Key Person.