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Dear Parents

Thank you again for making every effort to keep your children safe at home with you. We would like to make our Key Worker parents aware that we are still open from today, 14th April 2020.

We have a dedicated small skeleton body of staff, so if you are struggling at any point over the next few weeks to find care for your child, please email us at the day before you need us and we will be there for you. This also applies to our vulnerable children ie. children receiving speech and language intervention, the inclusion service or those that have an EHC plan.

The safest place for your child is at home with you but we totally appreciate that this is not always possible and your work is important, so please email us.

Also we realise that on Thursday 16th of April you will find out which primary school your child has been offered a place at. We would love to hear which school your child was allocated and whether you are happy with this. Please drop us an email. If you are not happy please let us know, we can support you going forward through the appeal process.

Please continue to stay safe.

Sue and The Team


Try sharing familiar books at bedtime. Pause when you read so your child can join in. Talk about the sounds at the beginning of the words & words that start with the same sound (like words beginning with P).

Encourage your child to recall what happened in the story. For example “Why is bear feeling sad?” Ask them to guess what might happen next, or how the story might end.

Try role-playing games together. Set out items on the sofa, switching roles being shop keeper.
Play teddy bears’ picnic, giving your child a chance to tell you what to do, for example “stir teddy’s tea”
Start conversations with open questions, ie. “what are you going to play with today?”
Plan a treasure hunt game, where you child has to listen to instructions to find a clue or an object.

Some Apps for 2-5 year olds

Why not try some of these alongside the other activities listed above

CBeebies Storytime
CBeebies Playtime Island
Lingumi – Kids’ English
Teach your Monster to Read
Phonics Hero