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Buzy Bees Individual Children’s Photographs will be taken by Tempest on Wednesday 11th November. The photographer will be with us both in the morning & afternoon.
If your child does not attend on a Weds, please feel free to bring them along at 10.30 or 12.30. It would be useful to know in advance if you intend to bring your child in for a photo. Please advise the office by lunchtime on Tuesday 10th.
Currently it is not possible for parents to enter the premises. Please ensure you wear a mask & socially distance whilst queuing outside. Thank you for your continued support.



Dear Parents

Working to updated guidance & the rising levels of Covid – 19 in the area we are putting extra measures in place to keep everyone safe.

Please could all adults who come to Buzy Bees at drop off & collection wear a mask. A grid directly outside the front door is for children only. Please note only one adult per child is to enter the grounds of Buzy Bees, if you need to bring siblings please keep them by your side.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Child Protection:
*As individual children return to childcare, Key Persons will take time to sit & talk to the children in small groups to monitor the children’s emotional well-being & to flag up any safeguarding concerns that may have occurred during lockdown.
*Both the Safeguarding Lead & Deputy will be available in the setting as normal.
*We will keep in contact on a weekly basis with our vulnerable children ie. child protection involvement, EHCP in place.
*A risk assessment will be formulated to ensure contact & support is maintained & offered to the family of any children with an EHCP.
*We will now endeavour to conduct all meetings with safeguarding professionals & those professionals involved with a child with an EHCP virtually via ‘Teams’ or ‘Zoom’. If this is not possible due to technical problems a report will be submitted.
*Policies are updated as a result of the general Covid19 risk assessment for the setting.


*Visitors in the first instant will be encouraged to meet staff outside in the garden.
*The Pre-School will not allow adults or children, not in the Pre-School bubble, onto the premises.
*Parents will drop off & pick up children at the front door.
*If a parent needs to come into the foyer for confidential conversations, hands must be sanitised, a face covering worn & they must remain socially distanced from the staff member.
*Professionals that need to access the children must sanitise hands, wear a face covering & remain socially distanced from the staff.
*Visitors that remain in the outside area will not be required to wear a face covering but must sanitise hands & remain socially distanced from the staff members.
*Workmen that need access to the setting must do so after 16.00 & sanitise hands before entry. Staff member present will sanitise the areas afters.

Visitors to the setting – New Parents

*New parents must ring & arrange an appointment to visit, appointments will be made after 16.00 once the children have gone home.
*Parents will access the setting through the rear gate & the viewing will continue outside.
*Hands must be sanitised before entry.
*The bi-fold doors leading into the play room will be wide open so parents can view inside whilst being outside. The child joining the setting may play inside.
*Should an adult need to enter the setting they must wear a face covering & socially distance from any staff members.
*All paperwork regarding the child will be distributed & discussed during this appointment.
*Parents must remain socially distanced from the staff member at all times.
* Parents must exit by the rear gate.


Whilst adults outside our Pre-School bubble are not permitted into the Pre-School at the present time, we do appreciate in the interests of our children’s personal social & emotional development there are times when the parent/carer need to come into the playroom to settle in a new child or to re-settle an upset child.
* Parent/carer must sanitise hands on entry, wear a mask/face covering & socially distance from all staff members & children.
*Parent/carer & child will be allowed into the cloakroom area which has a view of the playroom & to outside.
*The child may move around & explore the playroom. They will be accompanied by the child’s Key Person.
*Once a child is settled in, the parent can leave.
*If your child doesn’t settle with a staff member, one parent may follow the child to the outside area & work with the Key Person to settle the child.
*Parents can attend, following these procedures, as often as they like until they are happy that their child is settled.
*Once settled the Key Person will meet your child at the front door on arrival.