Firework Free Fun…

Firework-free fun for the family

We could all do with a bit of magic this year.  But with organised displays cancelled due to the restrictions, you may be asking yourself: ‘Is fireworks night cancelled this year?’  

Do not fear, there are ways to make it good fun, bring the family together and make lovely memories, no fireworks required!

Celebrations without the risk

  • Bring back some of the foody delights from your childhood – toffee apples, honeycomb, Parkin cake to name but a few.  You could dip breadsticks in melted chocolate and sprinkles for your own edible fireworks.  Get the BBQ out for hot dogs and marshmallows, rinsed down with hot chocolate.  And don’t forget the jacket potatoes in tin foil!
  • Why not go old school with apple bobbing.  One of the oldest Bonfire Night traditions and it couldn’t be simpler to do.  Just fill a basin with water and throw in some apples.  Then grab an apple out with just your teeth (spoiler alert: leave the stalks on to make it a bit easier for the littlies).  Get the kids to ask grandparents what games they used to play and bring them back to life with your family.
  • Put the Guy back into Guy Fawkes Night – you might not be burning him on a massive bonfire, but you can have fun with the kids making your own Guy with old clothes and stuffing him with paper.  Tell them the Guy Fawkes story as you stuff! 
  • Get creative with the littlies – splashes of paint on black paper make a beautiful fireworks display.  Or paint toilet roll tubes and use orange or yellow tissue paper for the rocket. 
  • If sparklers are part of your staple, it’s best to wear gloves and have a bucket of water handy for spent sparklers, so no-one is tempted to pick up a used one.  Children under five are too young to handle sparklers themselves.
  • When everyone gets too cold or too tired, cuddle up on the sofa, turn off the lights and watch fireworks displays on TV – you can find loads on YouTube.

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