COVID 19 Addendum – September 2020

Child Protection:
*As individual children return to childcare, Key Persons will take time to sit & talk to the children in small groups to monitor the children’s emotional well-being & to flag up any safeguarding concerns that may have occurred during lockdown.
*Both the Safeguarding Lead & Deputy will be available in the setting as normal.
*We will keep in contact on a weekly basis with our vulnerable children ie. child protection involvement, EHCP in place.
*A risk assessment will be formulated to ensure contact & support is maintained & offered to the family of any children with an EHCP.
*We will now endeavour to conduct all meetings with safeguarding professionals & those professionals involved with a child with an EHCP virtually via ‘Teams’ or ‘Zoom’. If this is not possible due to technical problems a report will be submitted.
*Policies are updated as a result of the general Covid19 risk assessment for the setting.

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