COVID 19 Update: Visitors to the Setting Amendment – 1.6.2020

*Visitors in the first instant will be encouraged to meet staff outside in the garden.
*The Pre-School will not allow adults or children, not in the Pre-School bubble, onto the premises.
*Parents will drop off & pick up children at the front door.
*If a parent needs to come into the foyer for confidential conversations, hands must be sanitised, a face covering worn & they must remain socially distanced from the staff member.
*Professionals that need to access the children must sanitise hands, wear a face covering & remain socially distanced from the staff.
*Visitors that remain in the outside area will not be required to wear a face covering but must sanitise hands & remain socially distanced from the staff members.
*Workmen that need access to the setting must do so after 16.00 & sanitise hands before entry. Staff member present will sanitise the areas afters.

Visitors to the setting – New Parents

*New parents must ring & arrange an appointment to visit, appointments will be made after 16.00 once the children have gone home.
*Parents will access the setting through the rear gate & the viewing will continue outside.
*Hands must be sanitised before entry.
*The bi-fold doors leading into the play room will be wide open so parents can view inside whilst being outside. The child joining the setting may play inside.
*Should an adult need to enter the setting they must wear a face covering & socially distance from any staff members.
*All paperwork regarding the child will be distributed & discussed during this appointment.
*Parents must remain socially distanced from the staff member at all times.
* Parents must exit by the rear gate.

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